For Community Partners

If you are part of an organization or initiative that is interested in partnering with students from Mount Allison, reach out to R-PEACE!

Students can bring a variety of skills to your organization, such as writing and research, volunteering, promotions, and more. In the past, Mount Allison students have worked with community partners such as Habitat for Humanity ,where they researched the impacts of Habitat’s homeownership program, and with the Tantramar Heritage Trust, where they helped develop an integrated community sustainability plan for Sackville.


Our Partners


Sackville Schools 2020

SS2020 is grassroots movement working towards an integrated educational community, where transformative learning is part of everyday living in the town of Sackville. It involves the design of new school facilities, the transformation of pedagogical practice in accordance with the principles of deep learning, and the integration of community life and activities into student learning.


Sackville Festival of Early Music
Youth Outreach Program

Based around an annual festival at the end of September each year, the festival offers outstanding musical  experiences to audiences in the Tantramar region through performance, educational outreach, master class instruction, and amateur workshops. Education is core to the mission of the festival and the Youth Outreach Program enables performances for students in area schools, in keeping with the belief that young people in small towns and rural areas should have access to excellence in music.


marshview Middle School
Deep Learning

This year, we are pleased to be partnering with Marshview school on some "deep learning" projects that bring together university students and middle school students from across the grade levels (5-8).   Students from Mount Allison University will, together with teachers and community facilitators, help to design and carry out around 20 projects in which small groups of students will participate for a term.


Outdoor classroom

Thanks to a grant from the Environmental Trust Fund, we are designing an outdoor classroom at Marshview, where students will, through active learning, explore the concepts of sustainable development, environmental respect and conservation and waste/refuse management.




Model School

Dorchester Moving Forward is a social enterprise group focusing on revitalizing Dorchester, NB. It has plans to reconfigure its Consolidated School as a model school for the region and to develop a Rural and Small Towns Research Centre. R-PEACE researchers and their students will be partnering with the principal and teachers at DCS to develop a series of programs and methods that will act as a model for 21st Century teaching and learning.


Learning Lab

Mount Allison is a vibrant, undergraduate liberal arts university in Sackville, NB. Innovative teaching is at its core. R-PEACE wants to know: Can the facilities in which students learn affect how they learn? R-PEACE has developed a learning lab for classes in the Humanities and Social Sciences in order to test how classroom flexibility impacts learning.  Mount Allison faculty will be testing the impact of material culture, maker activities, collaborative projects, and student-led investigations.

EDUCATION RE-DESIGN LAB, Harvard Graduate school of education

R-PEACE and Sackville Schools 2020 have joined a new community-supported education network with The Education Redesign Lab. The Lab’s mission is to partner with communities to build integrated education and child development systems, to research and disseminate best practices in the field, and to advance a new vision for education that is community-based, with support and coordination at the grassroots level.