INTRODUCING PROJECT ENGAGE! Mount Allison's UNST 3991: Community Engaged Learning meets Marshview's deep learning project.

What a term! R-PEACE partnered with Marshview Middle School in Sackville this past term to facilitate Project Engage!, a whole-school, deep learning program. Mount Allison students formed partnerships with Marshview students, teachers and community volunteers, and together, they created programs that would allow the exploration of topics as diverse as bird studies, cooking, robotics, and creative writing. We’ll be profiling these groups in the next few weeks to come. After a series of focus groups with students, parents, teachers, and MtA learners, we have learned that all found this to be a meaningful and enriching program. MtA students gained experience in project planning and management, made important community and professional connections, and learned about models for community integrated learning. Our thanks to Prof. Trish Altass, who taught UNST 3991!

Fiona Blackengage